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Faye and Hank had a standard size male puppy Jan 29, 2014

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Faye's Puppy - Ranger
(aka The Lone Ranger - Thanks Alex!)
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Ranger 4 weeks
Ella (granddaughter 5 yrs)
Ranger 3 weeks
Ranger 3 weeks
2 weeks
2 weeks
One week
One week
The Lone Ranger aka "Ranger"
Male - Standard Size Schnoodle
Cream with white markings
6 weeks old

Ranger is a blast! He is smart, affectionate, playful, adoring and charming. He loves to be a part of whatever we're doing. He ADORES the kids and playing with the other dogs. He loves going outdoors and anything else we introduce him to. Since Ranger has been a single puppy he has become quite use to being in the crate alone for the night and naptime. He has also started going outside to potty. He knows the word "quiet" but sometimes needs a little squirt of the spray bottle to remind him. At 6 weeks old he is doing fantastic!

He has a soft, wavy and thick coat. He is a very handsome Schnoodle!

Estimate adult weight: 25 lbs
Ranger 6 wks old, Schnoodle Hug