Since Asya has another litter for placement, I want to offer our
heartfelt testimonial for her pups.  Chloe (aka pup #3 from February-06's
litter) is a tribute to your breeding and early puppy care.  People are
amazed at her friendly, happy disposition and she is a real joy for us.  She
is happiest playing in water and snow - and - with other dogs (regardless of
size),with people and quite happily by herself - with any toy. Right from
her arrival at 8 weeks she was potty trained and by 10 weeks had learned
basic obedience and quickly learned  complex requests like -  "wipe your
paws" when coming in from outdoors,  "off the couch" - when we're done
snuggling, and "go in your little bed" when we want her to settle. She
happily goes in the car with us everywhere, and after her flight from
Minnesota to Calgary, joined us on flights from Calgary to Toronto and

I've attached some pictures - which you can use any way you'd like (the
witch costume was fun for the visiting children on Halloween). 


Susan Miller
Thank you Susan!
Background:  We have (2) of your Schnoodles, my sister Teresa Warwick has
(1), my sister Lori Miller has (2) and Judy from Red Wing with "Lucy" got
us all hooked.

We just want to Thank You for allowing us to adopt both Nala (cream in
2002, parents are Conrad & Macy) and our Macy (black in 2004, parents are
Eddie & Asya).  They have been the joy of our family and household.  We
love them so much.  My kids tease me saying "that I love those dogs more
than them".  I call them "my girls".  My husband loves them too, but gets a
bit jealous when the two of them are in between us in bed at night - ha!
They were both on his lap last evening while I wrapped gifts in the family
room.  He's just as gaga as I am, but sometimes tries not to admit it
around peers.

Really though, they are so sweet, soft, cuddly and our best friends.  I'm
so pleased with their personalities and temperments.  Wonderful companions
and lap doggies.

Everytime I look at them, I have to smile.  They are our babies.  Very
spoiled.  I'm so glad they have each other too.  They run and play, chasing
each other with toys, and it's nice that they can keep each other company
during the day in the playpen.  We have electric fencing of the yard, so
they can do the Schnoodle 500 outdoors at will.  Our German Shepherd gets
in on the action and they all get along nicely.  Jada the GS is protective
of "the girls".

Nala is mama's girl, such a sweety and so good, but she is a bit timid,
stubborn and more on the serious side.  She'll disappear off onto someone's
bed, or acts more withdrawn at times.   She takes forever to go potty,
curiously sniffing all around.  She doesn't always come when called, she
stands there looks at you, like at the bottom of the steps or outside a few
feet away.  She's a stinker that way.  But very loving and cuddly, and
certainly playful at times. She's my 1st baby and I have to give her extra
love because newcomers tend to gravitate towards Macy more cause she's so
bouncy and playful, a people lover.

Macy is SO laid back!  She is lackadaisical, almost clumsy.  She doesn't
care about nothing.  She runs to you when called, she potty's immediately
and returns to the door for you, she loves attention and plops down clumsy
like next to you.  She is very playful and doesn't sit still in one spot
very long unless she's really tired out.  She is so funny to watch and play
with. She crawls under the sofa or loveseat, totally disappears and then
all of a sudden her head pops out.  If her and Nala are playing chase,
she'll crawl on her tummy under furniture to hide for a minute.  Her coat
is super soft and wavy, so smooth to the touch, like a live teddy bear.

Everyone thought I was CRAZY to want (2) house dogs, along with Jada who is
in/out mostly.  But, we love them all very much and I cannot imagine life
without them.  I look forward to coming home to see them and they are
starving for attention from me.  My two oldest say "mom stop it" when I
talk to them saying "mommy's girls" and stuff.  ha
My two youngest help the most and fight me to have them sleep with them
(ages 12 and 13).  When we go on vacation, I'm very selective who gets to
watch my "girls" and I miss them terribly when we're gone.  It's crazy.

Anyway, you've done a great job with your breeding program and adoption
placements and we are so fortunate to have (2) of your wonderful dogs.
Thank you and Happy Holidays to you and your family!

Anne Huppert
Thank you Anne!
The honest truth about our puppies -
We have not changed any of the information from these emails as it is important for people to learn about our puppies...not every dog is perfect and training can make a difference.
We are very proud of our Schnoodles!
Shelbo Schnoodles
Asya Puppies - a testimonial
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We just wanted to let you know how much we are enjoying our 
schnoodle, Sasha.  She was brought to us in November by my brother.  
I know you have a long list of references but we wanted to be 
included!  Sasha has a wonderful temperament.  She is the star of the 
neighborhood.  Some of the kids act as if she has made their day when 
we come by and she gives them all kisses.  She plays well with other 
dogs.  She walks our 5 mile walk a few times each week, has been 
spayed and clipped.  She learned incredibly quickly (thanks to the 
crate) to handle house training and wait for us to get home from 
work.  And the small crate near the bed was very effective.  She 
never did more than whimper a few seconds that first night.  Of 
course now she's wormed her way right into our bed!

The pictures below were taken today after being groomed.  So, thanks 
for doing such a good job as a breeder.  We love her!
Susan and Rich
Thank you Susan & Rich!
Hi Shelly,

Just had to send an email to let you know how MUCH we are enjoying Dixie.  This a phenomenal puppy:

She is extremely cuddly and affectionate
She is happy to play around my feet
She goes potty immediately when we take her outside
She is eager to please and comes running when we call her
She chases after our 15# cat and that is a HOOT
She adores Mara and likes Adah.

In my lifetime, I have had a lhasa apso, cocker spaniel, peke-poo and bichon fries.  NONE of the dogs ever had a personality like Dixie.  I donít know how long you will continue to breed Asya, but Iíd like to get another of her pups in a year or so.  Thanks so much for breeding these wonderful dogs!!

Thank you Lori!

On Thursday, May 21, Leia will be 1 year old. She is the best little dog in the world. Everyone I know (who doesn't have their own dog) thinks so. Friendly. Affectionate. Happy. Quiet. She doesn't have a mean bone in her body. You can take her toys/food and she just waits patiently for you to return them. She's never growled. She's good with the groomer. She doesn't have accidents. She loves to be off her leash - but behaves well when she's on it. She's never chewed on anything that doesn't belong to her. And she seems to understand what's hers and what's mine. Amazing. Eddie and Asya produced a wonderful girl. Thanks for being such a good breeder. Please let me know if you sold any of Leia's brothers or sisters to folk in the Northeast as I'd like to contact them to share experiences and perhaps meet up. Be well.

Thank you Rich!